WEB3 TALES conference will host Web3 experts from around the world

BlockTidesMay 16, 2023
WEB3 TALES conference will host Web3 experts from around the world

Web3 Tales conference, organized by the non-profit Alice in Blockchains, is the first conference in Zagreb, Croatia that will gather Web3 experts from around the world, and it is taking place in June in Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Web3 Tales, the first Web3 conference in Zagreb, held on June 1 and 2, 2023 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, will gather world-class Web3 experts from organizations such as Fireblocks, Chainsafe, Unchain, MakerDAO, DiscoXYZ, Blockchain Game Alliance, with the support of Base58, Near, Neuralab, Go2Digital, Blank HQ, Qlindo, LostHex, Size, Embassy of Canada and many other. The two-day conference organized by the non-profit Alice in Blockchains will discuss the future of the Internet and the potential and practical applications of Web3 in our private and business everyday life.

It is intended for existing enthusiasts as well as those who are eager to discover the potential this fast-growing technology can offer - participants and visitors will listen to lectures, panels, and workshops on how Web3 - blockchain technology, decentralized finance, NFTs, gaming and metaverse - is already finding numerous applications that can revolutionize everyday business. Real use cases from the first insurance museum opened in Decentraland: the LAQO museum of old-fashioned insurance in the metaverse to green real estate tokens (based on Ethereum) like Qlindo and many others.

While the latest trends from the industry will be the focus, what makes this conference unique is the fact that it is organized by a 100% female volunteer team made up of members of the non-profit Alice in Blockchains, and their goal is to ensure that women have the leading say at the conference with over 70% of female speakers and panelists.

"Our organization’s mission is to inspire women to explore their potential and become more numerous and visible in the blockchain industry. We are proud that there are more and more people interested in this topic in Croatia, and that women will take the lead at our Web3 Tales conference and contribute to the development of a decentralized and more inclusive new generation of the Internet," said Magda Milas, president of the Alice in Blockchains association.

In addition to the professional program, numerous side events will be held as part of the conference, the most significant of which is the first NFT exhibition in a cultural institution in Croatia. At the exhibition called "Techno healing-Finding Resilience and Well-Being in a Digital World", 10 female artists from all over the world will present works that explore the themes of feminism in the digital age, and the exhibition will be open to the interested public at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

A limited number of early bird tickets for the Web3 Tales conference, which will be held from June 1-2, 2023 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, can be purchased at the Entrio platform, and more information can be found at the conference website www.web3tales.io.

About Alice in Blockchains

Alice in Blockchains’ mission is to inspire women to explore their potential and turn them into experts in the fintech and blockchain industry through education and equal opportunities, by making women feel welcome in the space and by highlighting the work of women who are already making an impact.

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