Vimverse Ecosystem Token VIM Initiates Presale, Imminent Arbitrum Chain Debut

CoinVoiceNov 15, 2023
Vimverse Ecosystem Token VIM Initiates Presale, Imminent Arbitrum Chain Debut

It has been announced that VIM, the governance token underpinning the Vimverse ecosystem, will commence its presale on December 5th at 12:00 UTC+0. Upon conclusion of the presale, VIM will make its debut on the Arbitrum Chain mainnet on December 13th.

As a financial ecosystem platform built on a decentralized reserve currency protocol, Vimverse has injected fresh thinking into the field through its innovative design.

Drawing inspiration from OlympusDAO’s Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) and the concentrated liquidity management mechanism of Uniswap V3, Vimverse has elevated liquidity management to new heights. It is also positioned to become a launchpad and incubator for innovative applications such as GameFi, significantly expanding the use cases for decentralized reserve currencies.

VIM, as an utility and governance token, is pivotal to the operation of the Vimverse ecosystem. Since announcing the VIM token presale, market response has been intense, with quotas in high demand.

The Evolution of Decentralized Reserve Currencies: From OlympusDAO to Vimverse

Decentralized reserve currencies have precedents in the Defi industry. In 2021, OlympusDAO introduced the concept of DeFi 2.0, establishing a solid foundation with its treasury, bonds, and protocol owned liquidity mechanisms.

Despite the sector’s enormous potential, many projects have struggled to sustain themselves due to limited use cases and revenue streams. As an emerging ecosystem for decentralized reserve currencies, Vimverse is driving innovation in this niche with its novel approach.

Vimverse: Crafting a New Paradigm for DeFi 2.0

Vimverse’s advantage lies in leveraging the decentralized reserve currency protocol to create value internally and externally, breaking the zero-sum game trap. It tackles issues such as sustainability, liquidity, and utility through innovative solutions.

VIM serves as the primary token in the ecosystem, with each VIM backed by 1 USDT in the treasury. When VIM drops below 1 USDT, the protocol buys back and burns VIM. When it exceeds 1 USDT, the protocol mints and sells new VIM. This process is controlled by the protocol transparently. Revenue from bond sales, NFT sales, trading fees, and other activities flows into the treasury. The treasury uses these proceeds to control the issuance and repurchase of the VIM token, thereby regulating the supply and demand dynamics of VIM, and thus sustaining its value.

Building on this, Vimverse enhanced OlympusDAO’s liquidity management through LP bond sales. It combines Protocol Owned Liquidity with Protocol Managed Market Making (PMMM). A portion of USDT entering the treasury pairs with VIM will be directly added into the liquidity pool. Leveraging Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity feature, Vimverse customizes liquidity strategically within certain price ranges. This combo ensures stable liquidity while slashing slippage, lifting trading fee income, boosting capital efficiency, and enabling sophisticated liquidity and position management strategies to stabilize VIM’s price.

Critically, Vimverse seeks to be the launchpad and incubator for innovative applications such as GameFi. Through Launchpad, Liquidity-as-a-Service (LaaS), an NFT marketplace, and cross-chain bridges, Vimverse furnishes token and NFT liquidity alongside multi-chain support for ecosystem partners. This stimulates collaboration and interoperability, enriching VIM's use cases and propelling Vimverse’s prosperity.

To date, Vimverse has onboarded over ten high-caliber projects, including Energy Crisis (the 1st place award winning project on Core Dao Chain), Woof Woof West, BetaMars, and more partnerships underway.

VIM is the primary governance token and medium of exchange in the Vimverse ecosystem. Projects launched on the platform will also issue their own tokens to support operations and development.

As a native token, VIM’s stability and growth stem from external ecosystem value creation, not internal zero-sum games. In addition to serving as a governance token and providing staking rewards, VIM offers access to INOs and IDOs, plus X-to-Earn opportunities. Users can use VIM to mint and upgrade gaming assets, complete quests, and join PVE/PVP battle, unlocking rich gaming and social experiences. Combined with the treasury, VIM is positioned as a long-term deflationary token leading the ecosystem’s sustainable growth.

In summary, Vimverse has successfully integrated the mechanics of decentralized reserve currencies, innovative liquidity management, and diverse use cases. This amplifies intrinsic value and unlocks new possibilities for crypto's prosperity. As both an adhesive and propellant, VIM’s wide-ranging utility cements its integral role. The VIM presale warrants close attention.



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