Exclusive interview with Swell founder Daniel: Making liquidity staking easy

CoinVoiceOct 24, 2023
Exclusive interview with Swell founder Daniel: Making liquidity staking easy

CoinVoice: Please introduce yourself and your experience and background in Crypto.

Daniel: I am Daniel, the founder of Swell. Swell is an Ethereum liquid investment protocol supported by Framework, IOSG, Maven 11 and Apollo. My background and experience include angel investments in projects such as Maverick, Ethena labs, Prisma Finance, Redstone, and Ion Protocol. Before starting Swell, I was a former web2 entrepreneur and former corporate advisor/portfolio manager.

CoinVoice: Can you briefly introduce Swell?

Daniel: Swell is an emerging Ethereum liquidity staking protocol and one of the fastest growing protocols in the DeFi field. During the cold start, approximately 50,000 ETH were pledged within 5 months and 40+ protocols were integrated.

CoinVoice: As one of the fastest growing defi protocols in 2023, Swell reached a TVL of $73 million in about six months. Can you tell us what you guys did and what other achievements Swell achieved this year?

Daniel: Swell has achieved rapid growth through strong partnerships with numerous partners in the ecosystem and an innovative go-to-market strategy called “voyage” that has attracted more than 13,000 people.

Voyage introduction: https://www.swellnetwork.io/post/the-voyage

CoinVoice: As an important basic layer, competition on the LST track is fierce. What are the core differences between Swell and your competitors, and why have you been able to gain market share so quickly?

Daniel: Swell is uniquely positioned to build the liquidity staking aspect of DeFi, and therefore has gained solid support in the cryptocurrency community. In addition, Swell has also achieved some innovations in liquidity staking.

For example, Swell is the first platform to implement Chainlink PoR, providing a higher level of transparency.

Swell is the first liquidity staking protocol to use layerzero for full-chain connectivity, making swETH ubiquitous around the world.

Swell also launched an innovative “Voyage” campaign designed to drive user adoption and usage. In the future, Swell will continue to promote innovation in the field of liquidity staking, by introducing voting locking/measurement mechanisms, developing novel liquidity re-staking principles, and providing a first-class user interface to achieve huge improvements in the staking experience.

CoinVoice: Do you have any thoughts on the next LSDfi market?

Daniel: The next LSDfi market may be restaking, most likely restaking powered by Eigenlayer.

CoinVoice: Will there be more interaction between your products and Layer 2 at the Defi protocol level?

Daniel: Yes, Swell is focused on providing as much interaction/integration as possible within Ethereum and scaling across chains.

CoinVoice: The bear market may last for a period of time. What are your plans in terms of products and market strategies?

Daniel: A bear market is a good time to build, and we will focus on major product upgrades. We will continue to listen to community feedback and deliver new next-generation liquidity staking solutions.


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