MetaTdex Thailand Summit: New Paradigm of Web 3.0 Economy, TOS Operating System Launched

Bit SpaceSep 12, 2023
MetaTdex Thailand Summit: New Paradigm of Web 3.0 Economy, TOS Operating System Launched

On September 9, the summit “MetaTdex Creates New Paradigm of Web3 Economy” was successfully held in Thailand. Thai politicians, MetaTdex eco-partners, WEB 3.0 investment institutions, traditional brokerage firms, TT-DAO community builders, SAAS signatories, and blockchain media gathered in Bangkok to witness MetaTdex’s product innovations, including trading-as-investment, TOS operating system, and meta-asset bridge. The summit invited Leo Li of MetaTdex Founder, Lookpetch Siengkong of Thailand General, Naoual Haddouch of Business Development Director of DIFC Dubai, Wang Yi of Southern Asset Management, and Hakan of Chief Marketing Officer of BG Trade, and other distinguished guests to attend the summit in grand style.

With the theme of “MetaTdex Creates a New Paradigm for Web3 Economy”, Bangkok Summit aims to reshape the new paradigm of crypto-finance through macro narratives and MetaTdex’s financial innovation practices, providing forward-looking thinking and guiding direction for Web 3.0 development. The content covers essential topics such as Web 3.0 turning analysis, MetaTdex strategic, platform token(TT) economic model update, SAAS agreement signing, new opportunities for user value capture, etc.

After ranking in the top 10 DEX worldwide for nearly one year, how is MetaTdex realizing a new leap? MetaTdex conveyed its confidence in the summit through openness, innovation, and cross-boundary capabilities, and it has unique and innovative ideas in value sharing, blockchain community connection, and meta-asset interoperability.

WEB 3.0 New Model: Trading as Investment

In the session of “Platform Token TT Value Remodeling”, MetaTdex proposed that trading is an investment. This is a brand new DeFi attempt, which breaks through the limitations of traditional CEX’s transaction mining and DEX’s liquidity mining returns that can only be obtained now and instead enables returns to be distributed in future investments. Simply put, every TT transaction of the user can enjoy sustainable, long-term investment returns. To maximize user benefits, MetaTdex also has layouts such as the TT Investment Guild, the fund business, and the AI+WEB 3.0 FTA to maximize user benefits, ensuring that future investment choices have a high-quality and adequate source.

Naoual Haddouch, representative of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), said at the summit, “It is important to cooperate with MetaTdex on the construction of the AI+Web 3.0 campus in Dubai, and it is our common hope that more high-quality projects will emerge. The DIFC has an independent regulatory system, global financial resources, and strong tax benefits incentives, and we welcome innovative projects from around the world to apply for admission.”

DEX New Trend: TOS Operating System Launched

With the broadcast of the video “TOS System: Changing the World’s Economic Circulation Pattern,” MetaTdex’s self-developed Web 3.0 operating system has been officially unveiled.TOS (Timing Operating System) is a highly efficient operating system with multiple advantages, such as GAS fees for multi-public chains outward technology but inward aggregation for users, representing a technical strategy for the independent blockchain community to move towards integration.

TOS-associated products and services have consistent underlying architecture and incentives, and a Web 3.0 financial ecosystem based on the DEX industry is expected to be formed. First, the TOS system has the advantage of multi-chain universality of GAS coins, i.e., TT can be used to trade GAS coins on any public chain of DEX. This feature, known as meta-trading, was first launched on the MetaTdex platform, which also creates a new way of cross-chain integration and makes Token cross-chain interaction more efficient. Second, the TOS system upgrades DEX products into Saas service products that can be easily used by industry entrepreneurs, accelerating the development of the decentralized trading ecosystem for global Web3 assets. Thirdly, the TOS system solves the problem of repeated deployment of multiple on-chain DAPP services due to non-uniform GAS fees, realizing an efficient one-stop experience of on-chain DAPP ecological services for users.

At the Thailand Summit, several companies completed the signing of SAAS services with MetaTdex. These companies have both mature blockchain projects and WEB2 companies that wish to enter the WEB3 field. After the signing, MetaTdex’s TOS system will be open to partners, and a full range of support will be provided in the future, such as community building, user growth, and brand communication.

A new chapter: enriching meta-asset types

MetaTdex will be based on the powerful TOS system to enrich DEX meta-asset types, including traditional investment products, tokens, fiat currencies and so on. It is to open the RWA zone to realize free exchange between bonds, stocks, digital currencies and other assets issued with RWA assets; issue MasterCard co-branded crypto card, which can be used for global consumption and fiat cash withdrawal by depositing crypto assets, and support hundreds of fiat currencies (e.g., U.S. dollars, euros, Thai baht). With these initiatives built on trading, MetaTdex is taking the first step towards compliant, legal, and free trade in the circulation of global meta-assets. Users will also realize more possibilities for value investing in an ecosystem of cross-country and cross-financial models.

Hakan, CMO of BGT, shared at the conference that BGT’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has reached 77,000,000 BGT, which is ranked among the top 5 projects in the RWA space. MetaTdex, with the incubation of the BG Trade project, has successfully solved a series of complex problems of RWA assets (stocks) on the blockchain, including value anchoring, scientific releases, circulation dynamics, value modeling, ecological scalability and other issues. A representative from an investment institution mentioned in his speech that “WEB2 and blockchain financial trends are converging, and RWA assets have higher credibility in DEX interactions because the transparent data on the chain is reliable proof of the strong regulation of traditional investment products”.

The event with MetaTdex Bangkok came to a successful conclusion with an interactive dinner. The communities presented exciting programs (including song performances and DJ dances), and the passionate atmosphere and extreme family-like emotions shook the audience and unleashed the true passion for Web3! This touching moment has gathered a lot of expectations, and a grand Web3 narrative has set sail from Thailand!


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