AC Capital:Sui Ecosystem Overview

AC CapitalApr 23, 2023
AC Capital:Sui Ecosystem Overview

Recently Sui Network has been in the limelight as mainnet will officially launch on May 3rd. On March 29th, Sui officially announced the launch of Devx1.0, a permanent test network, Devx1.0 will run for a long time after the main network is launched. After nearly half a year of testing in Waves1 and Wave2, Sui ecosystem has taken shape, from wallet, cross-chain, prophecy machine infrastructure to Defi and NFT. Sui network ecological structure is clear and evolving, and new developers and project parties continue to pour in. As the layer1 star project, Sui is bound to make a lot of waves in the market.

In order to better understand the development status of Sui ecosystem, AC Capital has created a Sui ecosystem overview map of 100+ projects and briefly introduced the representative projects.


Sui Wallet


Intro:The official Sui wallet, developed by Mysten Labs, one of the most commonly used Sui wallets, was originally developed for test use by Sui developers and is currently the most recognized wallet on the test network. Now available in a Chrome browser plug-in version.



Intro:Suiet is a completely open source Sui eco-wallet that does not collect and track any account information, Suiet is one of the first released and commonly used Sui wallets. Includes browser plug-in and mobile App version.

Ethos Wallet


Intro:Ethos Wallet is one of the first wallet apps to support Sui ecology, currently has a Chrome plugin version, a mobile version is coming soon, and is one of the most commonly used Sui wallets. Ethos team also developed apps for Sui ecology such as EthosConnect, game Sui 8192 and Capy.AI NFT.




Intro:Cetus is Move ecology’s first UniV3-like AMM liquidity protocol, currently offering swap, unlimited liquidity pools, cross-chain bridge and so on.



Intro:The first AMM+ order book hybrid liquidity DEX on Sui. MovEX has a settlement engine that distributes orders between AMM and order book. In addition to market orders supported in traditional AMM-based DEX, MovEX also supports advanced orders, including but not limited to limit orders, stop-loss orders, and take-profit orders.



Intro:OmniBTC is a omnichain liquidity aggregation protocol that enables users to realize fully composable cross-chain DeFi Transactions, such as cross-chain asset exchange, cross-chain lending, cross-chain bridge, etc.

Bucket Protocol


Intro:Bucket Protocol is a non-custodial 0% interest lending and borrowing protocol native to Sui Network. Users obtain interest-free loans backed by SUI overcollateralization collateral . Bucket features 0% interest rate, minimum collateral ratio of 110% and flexible redemption.



Intro:Navi is a one-stop decentralized liquidity protocol based on Sui. Navi’s lending marketplace supports multiple types of assets, including blue chip assets (WBTC, WETH, Sui), Yield-Bearing Tokens (LP Token) and long-tail assets. Navi also supports Flash Loans.



Intro:Aftermath is a DEX built on Sui based on the AMM model. Aftermath allows LPs to offer seven tokens in one pool, and to improve the composability of DeFi on Sui, Aftermath is launching a liquidity collateral derivative: afSUI. Aftermath will launch future lending, options, and other DeFi components.

Scale Protocol


Intro:Scale Protocol is a decentralized on-chain derivative exchanging protocol that allows users to trade various options products, featuring on-chain trading, up to 125x leverage, and 0 commissions.

ABEL Finance


Intro:ABEL Finance is a cross-chain lending platform build on aptos and sui that supports tokens, LP tokens, and NFT as collateral assets, using a mechanism similar to CompoundV2 to build awesome multi chain assets liquidity.



Intro:Scallop is an advanced lending protocol that maximizes potential yield without loss of principal. Users can access tokens on Scallop’s asset pool, then earn revenue using features such as lending, pledging, and liquidity mining for stable pools.



Intro:Typus is a one-click ****real yield protocol that integrates trading, lending and derivatives in the Sui ecosystem.

Turbos Finance


Intro:Turbos Finance is a decentralized zero-slip perpetual contract trading and spot exchange built on Sui, with trading backed by a unified multi-asset liquidity pool, TLP. 90% of Turbos’ revenue is distributed to token holders and TLP liquidity providers. Turbos features

Aries Market


简介:Aries Markets is a decentralized exchange built on Move with leveraged trading and lending at its core, it aims to aggregate and simplify the user experience across all of DeFi.



Intro:Kriya is the first on-chain derivatives exchange for the Sui ecosystem developed by Efficacy Labs, which is building a complex on-chain derivatives infrastructure through Kriya DEX, Dhan Vaults, and Chakra SDK.




Intro:Suia is a POAP application built on Sui where users explore various scenarios: participate in events organized by the community; collect artwork, souvenirs, photography created by creators; claim proof of contribution NFT created by the brand; interact with PFPs in a combinable way, building a new way of interaction between Web3 brands and users. Suia has received Sui Foundation’s Grants and Sui Builder Heroes awards.



Intro:Comingchat is a social application developed by Chainx that supports the full-chain ecosystem and combines decentralized digital identity, full-chain wallet, crypto communication, social, DeFi, GameFi, and Discover, among other features.

HighSea Protocol


Intro:HighSea Protocol is an innovative decentralized collaboration system (DCS) built on the Sui ecosystem, dedicated to transforming decentralized collaboration and decision making.



Intro:StarryNift is a gamified metaverse creation platform that hopes to build an open Web3 portal by uniting project parties, communities and DAO organizations together.



Intro:SuiNS is a decentralized digital identity protocol that currently has over 430,000 unique wallet addresses and over 660,000 domain addresses registered. SuiNS is also one of the Sui Foundation’s first Builder Hero winning projects.

Releap Protocol


Intro:Releap is a social graphing protocol based on the Sui ecosystem, designed to provide creators with the tools to better control the distribution of their creative content.

NFT Marketplace



Intro:BlueMove is an NFT marketplace based on Aptos and Sui with a “community first” philosophy. BlueMove platform features a modular system of smart contracts with pooled quotes, feature quotes and multiple cancellations.



Intro:Souffl3 is a NFT marketplace and aggregator once deployed on the Solana , now expanded to Aptos and Sui. last October, Souffl3 announced the closing of a $2M seed round co-led by, Capital and Synergis Capital.



Intro:Tocen is a Gamefi-Defi-NFTfi one-stop aggregation platform that hopes to provide users with multiple options to earn, trade and collect crypto assets in one platform.


Abyss World


Intro:Abyss World is an open-world dark fantasy action RPG based on UE5 and Sui developed by Metagame Industries, with excellent production and graphics according to the official live recording demo. Abyss World will officially open for public testing in the third quarter of this year.



Intro:Backrooms is an AI-driven UE5-based multiplayer online escape room themed game, which will be released in the third quarter of 2023 on Steam.



Intro:Plasmaverse is a multi-phase ARPG game on metaverse in Sui Network., currently in Alpha testing.

Run Legends


Intro:Run Legends is a fitness matchmaking game developed by Talofa that allows players to play in sync with their friends, wherever they are in the world. Players control their characters through movement: walking outward and releasing skills in battle through faster and slower movements. It will be available in the second quarter of 2023.



Intro:COSMOCADIA is a community-based farming game developed by Luckykat.


Mirror World


Intro:Mirror World is an all-in-one Web3 application development platform designed to provide an integrated development experience and help developers simplify the development process of multi-chain applications by providing various solutions such as in-app marketplaces, portal aggregators, authentication and Fiat-to-NFT.



Intro:Cubic is a We3 game development infrastructure designed to provide a user-friendly experience and simplify the game development process for studios. The platform provides Sui Game SDK and a range of development tools, including AI toolset, digital asset trading and user growth tools.



Intro:Suiscan is a blockchain browser serving the Sui network. Suiscan provides a clear Dashboard that helps users track on-chain changes in the Sui network in real time.



Intro:OriginByte is an NFT smart contract toolset containing a series of SDKs designed to help developers on Sui easily create, launch, and present NFTs.

Security Audit



Intro:Movebit is a blockchain security company focused on the Move ecosystem, with services including smart contract security audits, Dapp security upgrades, and blockchain security audits. Movebit has received the first round of Grant funding from the Sui Foundation’s Developer Grant Program, and its Sui Move Analyzer, a development plugin, was a winner of the Sui HK Demo Day.




Intro:BeLaunch is one of the earliest Launchpad of Sui network, its products include BeLaunchpad, BeNFT and BeDEX, providing users with Launchpad service, NFT trading market and development API, SDK service, and aggregated DEX service respectively.



Intro:Suipad is a Launchpad based on Sui ecology, aiming to provide Tier 1 project Launch, currently there are three boards, SuiPad IDO (Launch), SuiPad Shield (Insurance) and SuiTank (6 experts to investigate the project).

AC Capital has a long-term focus on Move ecology and welcomes communication and project submissions from relevant practitioners, so let’s look forward to the future development of Move ecology together.

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This article is for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as investment or other advice.

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