Introducing the First LRT Vaults on Nektar: stUSD Restaking Vault, dlcBTC Bitcoin Staking Pool, and Re7 Nektar ETH Vault

Amy WuJun 30, 2024
Introducing the First LRT Vaults on Nektar: stUSD Restaking Vault, dlcBTC Bitcoin Staking Pool, and Re7 Nektar ETH Vault

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration between Nektar Network, Angle ProtocolDLC.Link dlcBTC, Re7 Labs and Enzyme.

These LRT partnerships bring together leading DeFi teams to offer users innovative ways to maximize their rewards through restaking opportunities with stUSD, dlcBTC, and ETH.

The vaults use Enzyme battle-tested infrastructure.

Get ready for the launch of the first Nektar LRT Vaults!

What Does This Mean for You?

  • More choices, different flavors — Including stablecoin, BTC and native ETH
  • Different strategies: Managed or automated. As soon as Nektar Network is live, you will also earn restaking rewards.
  • Points: There are additional points programs for participants in these vaults. earn Nektar Drops, Angle Prots, and DLC.Link points.
  • Powered by Enzyme protocol: All these vaults are powered by Enzyme, with audited and battle-tested infrastructure.

Here is an overview of how the three vaults interact within the Nektar ecosystem.

Overview of the 3 LRT Vaults

Here are the details for each vault:

stUSD Restaking Vault

Nektar Network x Angle Protocol

  • Deposit and Earn

You can deposit USDC into the vault, which gets swapped for yield-generating stUSD. By participating in this vault, you are earning Nektar Drops and Angle Prots. It’s a double points bonanza!

stUSD Restaking Vault

  • Phase Two — Restaking rewards

In the second phase, following Nektar’s launch, the stUSD in the vault will be swapped for ETH. These ETH will then be restaked on Nektar. Restaking rewards will compound in stUSD.

You can deposit USDC today (the vault is live on Enzyme).

dlcBTC Bitcoin Staking Pool

Nektar Network x DLC.Link dlcBTC

  • Deposit wBTC and start earning on your Bitcoin

While waiting for dlcBTC to go live on Ethereum, you can deposit wBTC in the vault, which earns yield in DeFi. And you also start accruing Nektar Drops.

dlcBTC Bitcoin Staking Pool

  • Phase 1

After dlcBTC is live on Ethereum, wBTC deposits will be swapped for dlcBTC. You will then earn both Nektar Drops and DLC.Link points!

  • Phase 2: Full Integration

When Nektar is live, the dlcBTC is supplied as collateral and will be used to borrow ETH. ETH will then be restaked on Nektar Network. Restaking rewards will compound in dlcBTC (i.e. more collateral!)

Follow this link to deposit today (the vault is live on Enzyme).

Re7 Nektar ETH Vault

Nektar Network x Re7 Labs

  • Deposit ETH and start earning today:

Users can deposit ETH in the vault and earn ETH staking rewards and Nektar Drops.

Re7 Nektar ETH Vault

  • Phase 2: Full Integration

When Nektar is live, the staked ETH will be restaked on Nektar. Restaking rewards will compound in more ETH.

Join the first depositors (the vault is live on Enzyme).

  • About Nektar Network

Nektar Network is a multilayered restaking network powered by DVT implementing a comprehensive incentives system for its participants. Nektar Network has four layers that extend cryptoeconomic security of the Ethereum network to additional applications: The Stinger Client, The Diva Staking Protocol, the Nektar Restaking Protocol and the Nektar’s marketplace.

  • About Angle Protocol

Angle Protocol is a DeFi Protocol specializing in building resilient stablecoin infrastructures. The Protocol’s main products are USDA, the most reliable USD stablecoin, and EURA (formerly agEUR), the most traded Euro stablecoin. Known for its innovative stablecoin mechanisms and reliability, Angle is ranked among the safest DeFi protocols on DeFiSafety. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Angle operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring community-driven governance with its veANGLE token used for voting governance proposals. Angle Labs, the main contributor to Angle Protocol, also powers Merkl, a platform enabling foundations, DAOs, and protocols such as Arbitrum, Uniswap, or Aave to create tailored and efficient on-chain incentive programs to optimize their liquidity and growth.

  • About DLC.Link’s dlcBTC

dlcBTC is a non-custodial representation of Bitcoin on Ethereum, enabling Bitcoin holders to participate in DeFi protocols while retaining full ownership of their assets. It employs Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) to lock Bitcoin in a multisig UTXO, with one key held by the user and the other distributed across a decentralized network.

  • About Re7 Labs

Re7 Labs applies advanced in-house risk tooling and research capabilities to support a wide range of DeFi protocols as a curator and advisor. Re7 has been providing liquidity in DeFi since 2019 deploying capital across yield strategies and liquid venture investing. As DeFi-native managers, they have focused on providing early liquidity to various DeFi protocols to help grow the ecosystem.

  • About Enzyme

Enzyme is a protocol for smart, tokenized wallets designed to accelerate project outcomes and facilitate on-chain asset management. It enables access to digital assets and DeFi from one simple, unified app. It provides a front-to-back execution and order management system, which fully automates reporting, risk management, administration, governance and operations.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new Nektar LRTs vaults and the incredible opportunities it presents. Stay tuned for more updates!

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