DLC.Link, Nektar, and Enzyme Partner to Launch Native BTC Staking on Ethereum Mainnet

Amy WuJun 29, 2024
DLC.Link, Nektar, and Enzyme Partner to Launch Native BTC Staking on Ethereum Mainnet

In a first-of-its-kind development for decentralized finance (DeFi), DLC.Link has joined forces with Nektar and Enzyme to introduce native BTC staking on the Ethereum mainnet for the first time. dlcBTC, a decentralized wrapped Bitcoin minted from self-custody, enables native Bitcoin staking on Ethereum mainnet for the first time ever by utilizing composability.

Native BTC Staking on Ethereum Mainnet

dlcBTC is live on the Ethereum mainnet through Chainlink’s Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and will officially launch natively by the end of July.. DLC.Link has partnered with Enzyme and Nektar to create a composable dlcBTC staking pool on Ethereum. The staking pool facilitates yield generation on wrapped BTC (wBTC) by integrating with Enzyme's robust infrastructure and protocols like Aave and Curve. 

How It Works

  1. Self-Wrapping BTC: dlcBTC merchants self-wrap BTC to mint dlcBTC, a theft-proof ERC-20 token.
  2. Liquidity Pool: The merchants deposit the minted tokens into the wBTC-dlcBTC pool on Curve, allowing retail users to swap and acquire dlcBTC permissionless.
  3. Vault Deposit: Retail users deposit dlcBTC into the Enzyme vault, which takes an ETH loan through Aave.
  4. ETH Restaking with Nektar: The borrowed ETH (plus Nektar points and dlcBTC points) is channeled into Nektar protocol for restaking, generating additional yields.
  5. Staking Yields: Users earn staking yields from their deposited dlcBTC.

Revolutionary Aspects of this Staking Strategy

Reliability: The dlcBTC Bitcoin staking pool is built on Enzyme's battle-tested infrastructure, utilizing established DeFi protocols like Curve and Aave, ensuring a robust and dependable staking experience.

Security: dlcBTC's theft-proof design ensures that Bitcoin remains secure, even in the event of a breach. Liquidation addresses are pre-signed, meaning that even if compromised, hackers can only return BTC to the original depositor.

Resilience: Nektar's distributed validation model ensures that validation is performed by a consensus of multiple nodes, enhancing network resilience against outages and censorship.

Transparency and Control: The entire process, from wrapping BTC to staking, is transparent and verifiable on the blockchain. Users maintain control over their assets through segregated custody and self-wrapping mechanisms.

Efficiency: The collaboration with Enzyme allows for seamless integration with existing DeFi protocols, ensuring efficient and automated yield generation.

What This Means

This partnership enables BTC holders to participate in securing the Ethereum network and earn rewards on their BTC holdings. dlcBTC's theft-proof design and Nektar's distributed validation ensure robust security. By leveraging Enzyme's infrastructure, users benefit from efficient and transparent staking, marking a significant advancement in decentralized finance.

About Nektar

Nektar provides resilient, decentralized validation solutions designed to ensure the security and efficiency of staking and other blockchain operations. Nektar's distributed validation model enhances network resilience and security, making it a preferred choice for decentralized applications.

About Enzyme

Enzyme is a leading DeFi protocol offering infrastructure and integrations for asset management. It enables efficient yield generation and asset management in the decentralized finance ecosystem by providing robust tools and seamless integrations with protocols like Aave and Curve.

About DLC.Link

DLC.Link harnesses the power of Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) to establish a theft-proof bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum. In 2024, DLC.Link launched dlcBTC, enabling depositors to self-wrap their Bitcoin for DeFi on Ethereum while retaining full custody of their assets. This innovation transforms Bitcoin's role in DeFi, empowering depositors to engage in trading, lending, and hedging while maintaining self-sovereignty.


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