Philippine Media Star Jared Dillinger is Now Part of the $GALA Ecosystem

BlockTidesJan 29, 2024
Philippine Media Star Jared Dillinger is Now Part of the $GALA Ecosystem

Gala, the entertainment multiverse, is super excited to announce that Jared Dillinger is joining the team! You might recognize him from the basketball court, known for playing with the Philippine national team (Gilas Pilipinas) and winning nine championships with Barangay Ginebra. Jared Dillinger wears many hats. He produces and co-hosts the top show on CNN Philippines, "The Future," and co-founded the leading sports news basketball podcast in the Philippines, "Let it Fly." He's also the Head Content Creator/Influencer for, where he hosted an educational crypto show called "Courtside Crypto."

Jared's not just here for the glam, he's bringing a winning attitude to Gala. He's been a big deal in sports, with 16 years under his belt and loads of championships. Now, he's shifting gears to spice up Gala's gaming, music, and film scene.

Jason Brink, the President of Blockchain, is over the moon about this collaboration. He said, "I've loved working with Jared, and I can't wait to see us grow the $GALA Ecosystem together."

Jared isn't your typical celeb throwing their name on something. Nope, he's diving deep into the digital world, bringing real experiences and cool content to the Gala fam. Get ready for some seriously fun stuff!

Starting in February, Jared's going to be cooking up something special with Gala. If you're into gaming, music, or movies, keep an eye out, he's about to drop some awesome vibes.

But it's not just about entertainment. This partnership also shouts out to the Philippines, where Jared's from. Gala sees the Philippines as a rising star in the digital world, and having Jared on board is like saying, "Hey, we see you, and we want to do something amazing together!"

So, get ready for a Gala x Jared Dillinger collab like no other. It's not just about entertainment, it's about bringing people together, having a blast, and showing some love to the Philippines' awesome talent and energy.

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