X WINNER was invited to attend the Thailand Government's B2GC crypto summit, performing a solo act as a Web3 pioneer

X WINNERJan 18, 2024
X WINNER was invited to attend the Thailand Government's B2GC crypto summit, performing a solo act as a Web3 pioneer

Recently, X WINNER, the infrastructure for Gamified Liquidity, was invited to attend the Blockchain to Government Conference organized by the Thai government. This conference is a significant indication of the Thai government's strategy to embrace the Web3 industry, aiming to further drive economic transformation and explore new business scenarios. Apart from X WINNER, the conference attendees included renowned projects from public chains, DeFi, and crypto infrastructure. Together with the Thai government, these members will engage in long-term exploration and practice in laying out the Web3 industry.

In fact, Southeast Asia is one of the more mature regions for crypto market development. On one hand, the global economic downturn has led to slow economic growth in Southeast Asia, making cryptocurrencies an important investment in the region. Cryptocurrencies are not only highly accepted there, but investors also have a more mature understanding of them. Simultaneously, after the explosive growth of the GameFi market in regions like the Philippines and Vietnam, high-quality projects have been emerging in Southeast Asia, turning it into a breeding ground for the development of the Web3 domain. Following the Web3 revolution in countries like the Philippines and Vietnam, Thailand is becoming a new hotbed, especially under the concerted efforts of government agencies. The Southeast Asian region is poised to ignite a new wave of crypto enthusiasm.

X WINNER is becoming a partner of the Thai government in the Web3 domain through this conference, participating in the construction of Thailand's Web3 business system with its ecosystem and technical means. As a regular force in Thailand's crypto industry, X WINNER's involvement is expected to be a breakthrough into the Southeast Asian market, capturing users in the region on a large scale.

Why has X WINNER gained favor from the Thai government?

X WINNER is a novel concept in on-chain liquidity facilities. Based on the concept of sustainable development, it is building a gamified liquidity infrastructure. It aims to gamify every token by providing various scenarios like gaming, burning, locking, and staking, thus enhancing community interaction, enlivening the token atmosphere, and expanding community consensus.

In fact, DeFi is a major manifestation of crypto finance. It represents a new financial system built on decentralized principles with crypto assets as its value foundation. Since the DeFi Summer, DeFi has seen unprecedented growth, with TVL and transaction volumes growing exponentially, marking the entry of the on-chain world into the "Cambrian" era.

However, after a brief explosion, the DeFi track began to decline from 2022. Liquidity issues have become a major obstacle to the long-term development of DeFi. Despite continuous narrative innovation in DeFi, such as the booming LSD track, LSD assets, and LSDFi protocols inevitably face liquidity issues. Solving liquidity issues is seen as key to advancing the DeFi track to the next stage. Although previous-generation LaaS protocols like Olympus and Tokemak provided early solutions and ideas for DeFi's liquidity pools, their overall effect was suboptimal, especially after the overall decline in DeFi's TVL. The insufficient incentives of these protocols led to a lack of enthusiasm among potential participants and investors. Hence, a new liquidity mechanism with strong value capture ability and a solid foundation is more desirable.

In X WINNER's system, tokens requiring liquidity can be further deployed as game tokens, adding application scenarios. Community members can earn tokens through applications or promote the project for revenue. Tokens can also be staked in X WINNER to mint stablecoins, adding stablecoin minting scenarios to the game. This allows token holders to earn minting interest and improves the capital efficiency of holders. The community can play games to earn tokens or promote games to earn tokens. Games supported by new tokens can also be deployed on both X WINNER and the project's DAPP, as well as integrated into other external platforms.

This gamified approach will add token burning and locking scenarios, reducing the circulating supply of secondary market tokens, aiding in token appreciation, and boosting community confidence. Any project is expected to find its place in the crypto market with X WINNER's support.

X WINNER's ecosystem has already achieved significant success in this direction, attracting a large user base and revolutionizing the on-chain liquidity system. X WINNER is very important for the long-term development of the DeFi world.

The Thai government, as well as the Thai and Southeast Asian crypto communities, recognize X WINNER's ecological philosophy, vision, and current development.

More than liquidity infrastructure

X WINNER is an integral part of the X LABS ecosystem, but it is not the entirety. X WINNER's features stem from X LABS' ability to develop gamified X To Earn financial products (X-FI).

In addition to extending this capability to the liquidity market through X WINNER, X LABS is also providing modular infrastructure (EAAS) for public chains, building an account system based on on-chain relationships for promotion and profit, and establishing an on-chain DAPP market where everyone can issue project ecosystems. This market continuously adds X To Earn type products to tokens, such as games for profit, trade for profit, bet for profit, stake for profit, issue for profit, consume for profit, invite for profit, and so on.

All public chain tokens can deploy application and circulation scenarios modularly and automatically, adding token burning, circulation, locking, and staking scenarios, to sustainably develop these foundational ecosystems. This system's contribution to on-chain ecosystem development far exceeds that of the LSD sector, offering broader adaptability.

With this new expansion of capabilities, X LABS is becoming a new distribution hub in the crypto market, supporting crypto ecosystems from early initiation to long-term development.

X LABS is leading a new crypto revolution, and with the support of the Thai government and deep penetration into the Southeast Asian market, its influence is expanding.


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