Chainlabs Investment Research Weekly Report | 10 public financings occurred in the encryption market

ChainlabsJan 08, 2024
Chainlabs Investment Research Weekly Report | 10 public financings occurred in the encryption market

According to incomplete statistics from CoinVoice, there were more than 10 project financing cases in the blockchain field announced this week (1.01-1.05), including 4 in the tool & infrastructure field, 2 in the DeFi field, 1 in the blockchain game and NFT field, and 1 in the Web3 field. 3 strokes. AI startup Perplexity announced that it has completed a US$73.6 million Series B financing at a valuation of US$520 million, led by IVP, which is also the largest financing event this week. Compared with last week, the number of investment and financing transactions in the cryptocurrency market dropped significantly this week. In the investment and financing segment, the tool infrastructure and Web3 fields are relatively active this week. The following is an overview of this week’s financing events.

Tools and infrastructure

AI company Perplexity completed a $73.6 million Series B round of financing at a valuation of $520 million, led by IVP

AI startup Perplexity announced the completion of a $73.6 million Series B round of financing at a valuation of $520 million, led by IVP, with Series A investors NEA, Elad Gil, Nat Friedman and Databricks, as well as NVIDIA and Jeff Bezos (through the Bezos Expeditions Fund), Balaji New investors such as Srinivasan, Guillermo Rauch, Austen Allred participated in the investment. So far, Perplexity’s total financing has reached US$100 million.

Bitcoin’s native data availability layer Nubit completes angel round financing, Bounce Brand co-founder and domo participated in the investment

Nubit, the Bitcoin native data availability layer, completed angel round financing. Bounce Brand co-founders and domo participated in the investment, but the financing amount was not disclosed. RootData data shows that Nubit is a Bitcoin-native data availability layer used to change the way transactions are processed on the Bitcoin network. Its development team Riema proposed BRC-1310, a specialized Bitcoin-native data availability standard that includes Bitcoin-native staking, data availability sampling technology, data attestation directly on the Bitcoin network, and a decentralized bridge.

KuCoin Labs announces strategic investment in MR metaverse infrastructure DeMR

KuCoin Labs announces a strategic investment in Solana-based MR Metaverse infrastructure DeMR.

It is reported that DeMR is a decentralized mixed reality (MR) infrastructure network (MR-DePIN) built on the Solana chain.

BIKA Global secures $5 million in investment at $25 million valuation

BIKA Global officially announced that it has received a new round of financing of US$5 million at a valuation of US$25 million. BIKA Global stated that the funds will be mainly used to further strengthen technology research and development, provide more secure and reliable encrypted asset trading services, to meet users’ growing demand for high-quality digital asset trading platforms, and will also actively promote the platform ecology. Build and explore more opportunities in the Web3 field by cooperating with ecological partners.

In addition, the BIKA Global platform token $BKT will be issued this month.


Bracket Labs completes $2 million in seed round financing

Bracket Labs completed a $2 million seed round of financing and announced that its volatile market product Passages was officially launched on Arbitrum. Passages provides users with a volatility betting platform capable of 2-day prediction markets with a simple design. (BlockWorks) Previously reported that Binance Labs has invested in 5 selected projects in the fifth season of its incubation plan, namely the on-chain leveraged structured product project Bracket Labs, Web3 operating protocol dappOS, Web3 financial project Kryptoskatt, and the fully encrypted network Mind Network , decentralized identity verification solution zkPass.


Web3 relay network Gelato Network completed Series A+ financing, led by IOSG Ventures

Ray Xiao, director of IOSG Ventures, announced on the X platform that he recently led Gelato Network’s A+ round of financing, but did not disclose the specific financing amount.

According to RootData data, Gelato Network is a Web3 automation and relay network that enables developers to automatically execute a variety of arbitrary smart contracts on all compatible EVM-based blockchains (such as Ethereum). Gelato Network previously completed an $11 million Series A round of financing on September 30, 2021, at a valuation of $125 million.

Web3 metagame matrix Abyss World announces additional strategic round of financing from 2Moon Capital

According to an official announcement, Web3 metagame matrix Abyss World announced that it has received a strategic round of additional financing from 2Moon Capital. This move will help the game be officially launched on the market this year. According to previous news, Abyss World developer Metagame Industries completed a strategic round of financing. Investors include Sui developer Mysten Labs, Swiss game platform Xterio, game publisher Funplus, investment company 2moon Capital, Big Brain Holdings, DWeb3 Capital, ZeroX Fund and MH Ventures , GMA, etc.

DePIN track shared charging pile project PowerPod completes US$1 million in seed round financing

DePIN's shared charging pile project PowerPod recently completed a US$1 million seed round of financing, led by Waterdrip Capital, with participation from loTeX, Future Money Group, JDI Group, Future3 Campus and Wagmi Ventures. This financing will be mainly used to strengthen hardware development and testing, verify the minimum closed loop of the business model, and build community ecology. PowerPod aims to build a global open interconnected charging network to help accelerate the realization of low-carbon emissions goals in the global transportation field.


NFT trading and inscription platform EZSwap completes second round of financing of US$1 million

According to the official blog of the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), the game NFT DEX and the inscription protocol EZSwap completed a second round of financing of US$1 million last month, with EOS Network Ventures Network Foundation (ENV) leading the investment of US$500,000, IOBC Capital and Momentum Capital and others participated in the investment.

The EOS Network Foundation stated that this move not only allows EZSwap to expand its technical capabilities and innovate in the field, but also enriches the entire EOS ecosystem through its gaming solutions and expanded cross-chain functionality.

According to the encrypted data platform RootData, EZSwap is an NFT DEX and inscription protocol that is setting new standards for game asset transactions and inscription technology. By utilizing the automatic market maker (AMM) mechanism, EZ Swap provides a direct integration with the game. Seamless and efficient trading environment.


Block explorer Solscan announces official acquisition by Etherscan

According to official news, Solscan, the Solana ecosystem block explorer and data analysis platform, announced that the block explorer Etherscan has officially acquired Solscan. In addition, Solscan stated that it will continue to optimize and integrate additional functions with the assistance of Etherscan to enhance user experience.

WISeKey subsidiary WISe.ART AG completed a new round of strategic financing

Digital art platform WISe.ART AG, a subsidiary of WISeKey, a Swiss network security and digital identity company, announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing. The Hashgraph Association (THA), a Swiss non-profit organization that supports the Hedera network, participated in the investment, but the specific amount has not yet been disclosed. . Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of WISeKey, said that this round of financing will accelerate the development of WISe.ART V3.0 and promote its construction of trusted NFT solutions. It is also committed to promoting the expansion and utilization of the Hedera network and making it distributed Ledger technology (DLT) expands into the mainstream.


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