Turn Energy Crisis into Your Chance to Rule Blockchain Oil World

CoinVoiceNov 29, 2023
Turn Energy Crisis into Your Chance to Rule Blockchain Oil World

Experience the thrill of building your own oil empire in this groundbreaking blockchain game! Players can acquire oil fields, extract crude oil, conduct surveys to find new reserves, build alliances, engage in espionage, and even participate in class warfare. Compete, collaborate, and conspire as you aim to become the ultimate oil tycoon!

The game introduces an innovative OpecDAO voting mechanism that lets players decide oil output levels across fields in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. But the intricacies of geopolitics also come into play, with alliances facing off rival factions and elite oil magnates battling the working class. With limited resources, conflicts abound in this virtual world.

“Get ready to live out your oil baron dreams in this compelling new game!” said a spokesperson. “With its one-of-a-kind features, players can revel in building and managing their own successful oil companies. And unlike in real life, where the oil industry tends to concentrate power, here everyone has a fair shot at prosperity and influence. While competition drives business, collaboration is often the key to success in this game, showing that working together can be as important as outmaneuvering rivals.”

Originally launched on Core chain where it quickly became the #1 GameFi project, Energy Crisis is now bringing its award-winning gameplay to Arbitrum with more features and immersive gameplay. But the game’s vision extends beyond gaming into real-world finance. Energy Crisis will offer binary options contracts tied to actual oil prices, unprecedentedly bringing real-market dynamics into the gaming sphere.

The main token for transactions, production, incentives, and governance is $Oil. The total supply on Arbitrum is 10 billion, with an initial reward of 256 $Oil per second, halving every three months until it reaches 1 $Oil per second. Of that, 95% is available as game rewards and 5% reserved for team development and liquidity. To prevent speculation from negatively impacting the market, the game imposes a 10% tax on $Oil token sales.

Get ready for Energy Crisis’s debut on Dec 18, 2023 and claim your place as a virtual oil mogul! Early joiners not only get a 20% bonus to oil reserves, but also have a chance to receive exclusive collectible oil tycoon NFTs granting special privileges within the game world!

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