0xLSD launches video social application to build a hierarchical Web3 digital community

0xLSDNov 27, 2023
0xLSD launches video social application to build a hierarchical Web3 digital community

In recent years, the emergence of platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram has led to the global popularity of short-form videos, turning them into a "fast-moving consumer good." TikTok, in particular, with its focus on short videos, has become a Web2 unicorn ecosystem with 150 million daily active users in North America. Meanwhile, the Web2 short video ecosystem is also expanding into areas such as social media and e-commerce, creating more diverse commercial landscapes.

As the concept and ideology of Web3 gain traction, Crypto Builder has embarked on continuous exploration of the Web3 short video application ecosystem, aiming to build new killer applications on top of the Web2 short video content system. 0xLSD is one of the supporters in this direction, delving deep into the domain of SocialFi+ short videos based on its own technological framework. By integrating with the existing DeFi ecosystem, 0xLSD is shaping its ecosystem into an open, inclusive, and innovative digital community.

0xLSD Exploration of Digital Ecology

In the early stages of its ecosystem development, 0xLSD is a blockchain-based liquidity system backed by the DeFi market. The team has codified and digitized a series of trading strategies formulated in the financial market. Building upon this foundation, the 0xLSD team has further developed AI models to explore stable and substantial profits in potential financial markets. The team has already applied this technology in the crypto field, aiming to enable all users to profit with low risk.

By utilizing AI and data to construct a comprehensive profit matrix, 0xLSD can provide users with stable and continuous high returns. It combines decentralized assets and allocates them based on smart contracts, offering high-quality liquidity services to various demanders. Currently, 0xLSD's profits mainly come from several sources, including yield farming pools, DEX liquidity, cross-chain protocols, lending, and NFT aggregators.

After a series of market exploration and practice, 0xLSD has not only built a DID system for encrypted credit but also continuously improved its AI model, allowing for experimentation in various fields.

The Web3 short video domain is one of the ways they are exploring, and the application in this area is taking shape.

In fact, 0xLSD has already developed a new concept of a short video social application. This application goes beyond the scope of short video content streaming and integrates distinctive features such as live streaming, social networking, instant messaging, e-commerce, and more. Additionally, it incorporates multiple payment options and mini-program interfaces. These unique features, along with the utilization of blockchain, AI, NFT, and other technologies and architectures, aim to provide users and partners with a more engaging interactive experience and a richer business ecosystem.

A new concept of Web3 video application

The short video application introduced by 0xLSD itself has a wide range of standout features. The core functionality revolves around short video modules, offering various features such as shooting, editing, adding music, applying effects, and social sharing. These features allow users to create, share, and appreciate interesting and creative short video content.

The application allows users to engage in real-time interaction and communication with content creators through the live streaming module. Viewers can interact and communicate with hosts in real time, and hosts can showcase their talents, provide knowledge, share travel experiences, and more. Viewers can also interact, communicate, and make new friends during live streaming, forming a community with shared interests.

Furthermore, the application includes several standout features such as short dramas, exploration, instant messaging, and quick payments. It is not only a video content ecosystem but also possesses new attributes such as social networking and payment capabilities.

Whether it is short videos or live streaming, Crypto serves as the economic bridge between users and content creators. Leveraging a unique economic model and the existing DeFi ecosystem of 0xLSD, it empowers the video ecosystem.

The 0xLSD short video application incorporates Crypto elements to provide convenient payment services and ensure the security of user assets. It has independently developed a Web3 wallet, establishing smart contracts and decentralized features while offering advantages such as anonymity, security, and interactivity. Additionally, the application introduces NFT technology for copyright protection. NFTs, as trusted digital tokens with unique characteristics within blockchain networks, enable recording and processing of multidimensional and complex attributes of data objects. This technology is being applied in relevant modules to fully protect original works and enhance copyright liquidity, shortening the path to monetization and increasing earnings for original creators. The liquidity system of 0xLSD will facilitate liquidity provision for these assets.

In terms of privacy protection, the application utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, allowing users to verify the correctness of transactions or states without revealing any information. This ensures transaction privacy, anonymity, and prevents double spending and other fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, to maintain platform order and protect user rights, the platform employs advanced AI intelligent recognition technology and has built a content management system that combines hierarchical review and reporting supervision. This continuously enhances user experience and satisfaction. The 0xLSD team is currently conducting in-depth training of this model to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

The 0xLSD short video platform also provides developers with new standout features. To build a rich business ecosystem, it offers a lightweight application using web technologies for partners, eliminating the need for downloads and installations and enabling one-click launch. Additionally, it provides API interfaces, offering convenient entry points for third-party project collaborations and sharing of platform traffic dividends to promote the thriving development of the business ecosystem.

Through an innovative business model within the 0xLSD digital ecosystem, it is becoming an ecosystem-level application that provides users with lower development costs, comprehensive ecosystem empowerment, enhanced user experience, increased exposure opportunities, higher frequency of use, and better user retention.

The fresh and youthful ecosystem culture is making the 0xLSD ecosystem stand out from the crowd.


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