An enriching day at the Philippines Traders Fair 2023

BlockTidesMay 26, 2023
An enriching day at the Philippines Traders Fair 2023

FINEXPO successfully concluded the Philippines Traders Fair & Gala Dinner at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel on May 20, 2023. There were over 2000 people attending the Traders Fair and the gala dinner show at the end of the day. Furthermore, more than 20 brokers had booths that day. A full day of programs was planned, including speaking seminars and workshops, lucky draws, live performances, and other activities.

It is very honorable that FINEXPO invited 22 potential speakers from around the world to attend the event. Insightful and outstanding information was imparted to the participants by these speakers. There were a variety of topics presented that day by the speakers. The topics that were discussed included tips about how to improve your trading, income opportunities in the crypto world, and the steps on how to begin your journey into forex trading. Aside from that, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the cold hard truth about trading, what it is like to invest as a beginner, how to trade fast and slow, and topics about the rise of AI. A number of speakers also discussed the application of psychology to trading, trading risk management, and what exactly is the trading trifecta.

There was a great deal of attention drawn to every program until the end of the day due to all the interesting things that were being offered to them. There was a wonderful enrichment day for them during the Traders Fair, and they had a wonderful time. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity for participants to get to know top industry leaders from all over the world as well as meet with them one-on-one. Hundreds of valuable connections were made and opportunities were provided. They returned with fruitful results after one day of attending all of the speakers' seminars & workshops.

Keep an eye on the Traders Fair & Award Facebook page to catch a glimpse of more events from last night. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the very near future so don't forget to follow us there.


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