ETHDam Gathering the Best Defi & Privacy Builders

BlockTidesMay 09, 2023
ETHDam Gathering the Best Defi & Privacy Builders

ETHDam is a hackathon & conference gathering 800 DeFi and Privacy builders on the 20th and 21st of May in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. We are delighted to welcome thought leaders from Polygon, Curve, Aave, Balancer, Dune, MakerDAO, and many more.

Privacy is normal. Following the arrest of Alex Pertsev, a Tornado Cash developer in the Netherlands, ETHDam 2023 is determined to counter the chilling effect and bridge worlds to discuss the future of privacy and encourage them to build on the shoulders of cypherpunk giants.

Update: Alex has been released under house arrest, and he will be able to make it to ETHDam.

ETHDam is powered by CryptoCanal, a crypto education and events platform growing in Amsterdam, spreading its roots to Rotterdam and Zurich.


Yes, it’s official, Alex Pertsev will be joining ETHDam in person! Alongside many others

Privacy builders from Aleph Zero, Railgun, Sismo, Privacy Protocol, Nym, Aztec, Dusk, Hopr, DarkFi, and LunarDao

DeFi builders from 1Inch, Lido, APWine and Curve

Regulation from VanEck, EUCI, StakeDao, and Geneva Legal

Data magicians from Gelato, Chainlink, Dune, and The Graph

Scaling solutions with Optimism and Scroll

Security with Ease, Nexus Mutual, Bright Union, Sherlock

MEV Blocknative, Rated Labs, bloXroute and Allnodes

We couldn’t be more proud of our lineup of wonderful speakers ready to share their passion and their knowledge with you!



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