DOS Labs Raises $2.45 Million In Funding to Revolutionize Battle Royale Gaming with MetaDOS

Apr 02, 2024

DOS Labs, the innovative developer and publisher behind the highly anticipated battle royale game MetaDOS, has recently secured an impressive $2.45 million in funding. The funding round was supported by well-known venture capital firms Kangaroo Capital, AZA Ventures, Brainbox, GD10 Capital, and Avalon Wealth Club.

The injection of capital will support the advancement and upcoming release of MetaDOS. This innovative gaming experience combines the excitement of battle royale gameplay with a one-of-a-kind “Time-as-currency” concept. The initial release of MetaDOS is now available on Steam, with the official game launch set for May.

Anh Le, COO & Co-founder of DOS Labs, shared insights into MetaDOS’s genesis: “Our journey began 12 years ago with Captain Strike, the first mobile shooting game that garnered 1 million users within two months. Inspired by Counter-Strike, it laid the foundation for our expertise. In 2017, we pioneered Bullet Strike, one of the world’s earliest mobile battle royale games. Now, with MetaDOS, we’re pushing boundaries by operating solely on the blockchain.”

MetaDOS introduces exciting new features that allow players to collectively shape the destiny of the game. Using blockchain technology, players can maintain full ownership of their in-game items and currencies, surpassing the constraints typically found in traditional gaming ecosystems.

MetaDOS introduces a cosmetics-focused economy, offering various collectibles such as skins, takedown animations, music packs, and artworks to enhance player experiences while maintaining game balance. The platform partners with leading esports organizations to host exciting tournaments.

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