Protocol Village: Metis, Ethereum Layer 2, Launches 'Liquid Staking Blitz'

Feb 08, 2024

Feb. 7: Layer-2 network Metis launched the "Metis Liquid Staking Blitz (LSB), an initiative to bolster their LSD ecosystem and accelerate the growth of LSDs and LSD-focused products on their Layer 2 network and leveraging the 4.6M METIS Ecosystem Development Fund," according to the team: "Metis’ LSB will create the first LSD for a layer-2 network’s native token, unlocking LSDs’ versatility and blending it with the Layer 2 network’s profit and growth potential. For the first 12 months, a 20% Mining Rewards Rate (the rate at which smart contracts reward lockers for block production) will apply to all sequencer nodes."

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