New DEX Design Claims to Enable Swapping 300 Tokens in a Single Transaction

Sep 19, 2023

Reported Coindesk, a developer team building on the Avalanche blockchain has introduced a trading tool that lets users swap up to 300 different tokens in the same transaction.

Multiswap, by the team at CavalRe, has recorded the highest number of token swaps in a testing period at 340 different tokens, developers said during a panel in Seoul last week.

Liquidity pool DEX usually let traders swap one token for another. Multiswap’s code creates a liquidity pool containing many different tokens that can be easily traded with each other, enabling multiple trades to occur in a single transaction.

“Think of it like a new kind of decentralized ETF,” said CavalRe founder Eric Forgy. “On testnet, we have a pool with over 500 tokens representing a mockup of the S&P 500 for demo purposes, which represents over 125K trading pairs with zero fragmentation of liquidity.”

“The entire liquidity for each token is available for trading against any other token in the pool. You would need 125K separate pools to replicate this on Uniswap, which just splinters any available liquidity,” Forgy said.

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