Time:2023/11/16 11:20 ~ 2023/11/16 11:20
Event introduction

Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023 will take place in November! This is a unique conference that will gather the world's largest representatives of the Blockchain, Web 3.0, Crypto, NFT and Forex industries in one place. Participation in the expo is Free.

Forex Club is pleased to take the patronage over the event.

Wiki Finance Expo-World Sydney 2023

The event will take place on November 16, 2023. Many industry leaders will meet to discuss the future development of Forex, Blockchain, Web3.0, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Digital Finance.

This is not the first time Wiki Finance Expo has been held in Sydney. As one of the largest trade fair in the industry in the world, WikiEXPO has always considered Australia to be "land of possibilities" for development forex industry and blockchain.

The Expo will be attended by at least 100 experts from the financial community. They are the best experts and pioneers, many great project owners and founders, venture capitalists, passionate practitioners in the APAC region, discussing topics such as Blockchain, Web3.0, Crypto, NFT, Digital Finance, Forex. Among the exhibitors there will be such companies as Coinbase, UBS, KPMG, IC Markets or Leverate.

Why is it worth taking part in WiKi EXPO?

  • Wiki Finance EXPO-World is a large-scale tourism summit that takes place in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai, Malaysia and London.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to meet the industry's leading representatives and other traders in person.
  • This is a rare industry gathering in Australia with 3000 insiders attending. High-class venue, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, delicious and well-prepared desserts and drinks, thoughtful service, massively popular forex brokers and traders, mature fintech providers and keynote speakers sharing insights on the future.