Missing Inscription Track Narrative? See how Xdin3 breaks the game

Xdin3Jan 24, 2024
Missing Inscription Track Narrative? See how Xdin3 breaks the game

The inscription market is one of the hottest narrative directions for the crypto industry in 2023, and the narrative is considered to be one of the driving factors that drive the crypto industry out of the bear market trough. The Bitcoin ecosystem, which is the core of the inscription narrative, has once again captured a large number of funds and users in this round of inscription waves. According to Dune data, as of January 9, the cumulative fee income of the Ordinals protocol inscription minting reached 5458.5 BTC, or about $2.5 billion, and the total number of inscriptions minted reached nearly 54 million (only on the Bitcoin chain). In addition to the Bitcoin chain, the inscription craze is also spreading to other chains such as Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, etc., and the inscription market sentiment is still high.

Data source:https://dune.com/dgtl_assets/bitcoin-ordinals-analysis

The absence of the narrative of the inscription track

The popularity of the inscription market has made the on-chain world a thriving scene, but many people are concerned about the sustainable development of the inscription market.

On the one hand, the token issuance scheme based on the Ordinals protocol makes the inscription asset itself have certain particularities, especially on the non-Turing-complete Bitcoin Layer1, it is difficult to establish an efficient liquidity means. Several major inscription asset trading markets, including Unisat Marketplace, Ordinals Market, and OKX Ordinals, all indirectly construct transactions through peer-to-peer matching in an NFT-like trading style. This trading mechanism is extremely inefficient, and under the conditions of low transaction efficiency and extremely high transaction fees on the chain itself, the vast majority of inscription assets are extremely illiquid.

On the other hand, under the FOMO sentiment, hundreds or thousands of new inscription assets will be blown out every day, which further creates an extremely low initial pricing of inscription assets, which can easily form extremely exaggerated paper increases, and constantly generate FOMO sentiment, that is, the illusion that everyone can earn from the inscription market, and this kind of premium built on extremely low liquidity usually has a high bubble. Under this FOMO sentiment, it has also caused the continuous loss of users and funds from other tracks and narratives.

Only by establishing more effective liquidity measures for the inscription market and building a richer financial scenario for inscription assets can the inscription market achieve a new return of value and achieve long-term sustainable development.

How does Xdin3 break the game?

In fact, giving more practical value to inscription assets is an important means to promote the return of value of the track. Xdin3 is one of the enablers of this direction.

Xdin3 is committed to creating a feature-rich and interactive ecosystem, focusing on increasing the practical application value and market impact of the inscription token on opBNB. Based on opBNB assets, the platform provides further access to a range of innovative application scenarios, including coin-margined options, diversified games, and lending services. These apps not only enrich the choices of users, but also enhance the interactivity and engagement of the opBNB ecosystem, making it one of the most popular and valuable ecosystems in the digital currency space.

Focusing on Xdin3 itself, it covers three broad sectors, including donations, airdrops, and applications.

The donation section is one of the basic sections of the Xdin3 ecosystem, which allows users to use opBNB assets as the target of donation, and once the inscription token on the donated opBNB reaches the preset index, the corresponding token will be seamlessly integrated into the Xdin3 empowerment scenario and become part of the payment option. This process does not require any special permits or additional costs, ensuring that the process is simple and efficient. In this way, Xdin3 is able to provide its platform users with a wider range of flexible payment options, while enhancing the value and market impact of the opBNB token. We see that donations are an important way for opBNB assets to be empowered in the Xdin3 ecosystem.

Of course, as a donor, you need to ensure that the source of funds is legitimate and voluntary, and there is a minimum threshold for donations, and withdrawals are not allowed. In return for donations, Xdin3 also provides a series of benefits for donors, so that more users can actively participate in it. These benefits include exclusive access to Dapp entertainment, participation in prize pools, and platform token airdrops, among others.

Xdin3 has also launched an "airdrop" section, which is mainly used as a better incentive, and the Xdin3 system will take regular snapshots of the accounts of inscription holders. Based on the snapshot data, the platform will reward those who are eligible for the inscription holders. These rewards include not only the platform's own tokens, but also donated tokens from different communities, as well as a portion of the platform's app revenue. Through this mechanism, loyal users are incentivized and rewarded, while increasing awareness and liquidity of donated tokens.

Focusing on the empowerment of opBNB assets, Xdin3 has built a set of application matrices, and deeply empowered the above two sectors. The application scenarios of the application matrix include casual games, financial derivatives, pledge lending, etc., users can not only realize the profit of on-chain derivatives based on opBNB assets based on these scenarios, but also obtain income and fun through X2E. Xdin3 is currently a paradigm ecosystem that deeply empowers BRC20 assets, which is not only at the forefront, but also provides a reference for the long-term development of the inscription market.

At a time when the vast majority of on-chain inscription concept projects are still limited to building trading scenarios for inscription assets, Xdin3 has been deeply empowering opBNB assets in multiple directions, so as to promote more investors, crypto enthusiasts, and on-chain players to participate in the long-term construction of the inscription market, and capture the dividends brought by the new wave of inscriptions in a more flexible way.


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