Explore the Xind3 ecosystem to unlock new ways of playing with inscription assets

Xdin3Jan 23, 2024
Explore the Xind3 ecosystem to unlock new ways of playing with inscription assets

The rise of the inscription market is not only a representation of a new asset issuance scheme to the market but also a representation of a new asset revolution. Through the "Fair Launch" approach, anyone can "Mint" assets on a first-come, first-served basis. Although this seems like a new upgrade in ideology, the actual hottest inscription trend was triggered by CEX.

We see that the first wave of the inscription craze was actually triggered by Binance launching ORDI, and the second wave was similarly triggered by Binance launching SATS and RATS contracts, and each wave was more turbulent than the last. Of course, each wave brings a large number of inscription assets to the market, with nearly 54 million inscriptions minted on the Bitcoin chain alone. However, as the heat of the inscription market has recently subsided, more and more inscription assets are beginning to face a "survival crisis."

Currently, aside from being able to trade in some on-chain facilities in a "peer-to-peer" manner with extremely low transaction efficiency, inscription assets have difficulty capturing liquidity and value in other ways. Moreover, the overall technological iteration of inscription infrastructure is slow, and it is difficult to provide better trading services and experiences for inscription players, so many players are not optimistic about the long-term development of the inscription market.

On the positive side, some on-chain ecosystems are continuously exploring ways to help inscription assets capture value externally, to help them better leverage and realize value return. Xind3 is one of the leading explorers, unlocking new ways to play with inscription assets through derivatives and gamification, injecting vitality into the inscription market, and is expected to become a leader in the new wave of inscription competition.

Explore the Xind3 ecosystem

Xind3 is a comprehensive platform for inscription assets, which not only supports users to donate through opBNB assets to exchange for various rights and interests, but also supports users to conduct derivatives trading and gamification experience through inscription assets, so as to give more added value to inscription assets and promote them to generate more added value.

Xind3 encourages more users to hold and use opBNB assets, for example, in its donation section, users can use various opBNB assets as donation chips, and when the donated tokens reach the preset indicators, the corresponding tokens will be seamlessly integrated into Xdin3's empowerment scenario as part of the payment option. For donors, they can also get a series of benefits, including exclusive Dapp entertainment channels, bonus pool participation, platform Token airdrops, and more.

At the same time, holding opBNB assets is also part of the airdrop, and Xind3 will take regular snapshots of the accounts of the inscription holders. Based on the snapshot data, Xind3 will reward those eligible inscription holders, which will include not only the platform's own tokens, but also donated tokens from different communities, as well as a portion of the platform's application revenue. Therefore, with the combined effect of donations and airdrops, users will be more inclined to become holders and liquidity promoters of opBNB assets, which will have a good effect on eliminating the bubble of inscription assets.

In terms of application, Xind3 pioneered the construction of an application matrix ecology around opBNB assets, including games, derivatives trading, etc.

  • GameFi
  • X2E has been confirmed in the last GameFi wave, and with the overall market upturning, the X2E market is recovering. The gaming marketplace is one of the best ways to drive inscription assets to capture value, gain liquidity, and gain access to consumption scenarios.
  • Xdin3 offers 50+ casual and fun games, and players can enter the game by spending their own tokens to get a game experience and have a chance to win huge bonuses.
  • With the further development of the Xind3 ecosystem, more and more high-quality chain games will join it, further enriching the earning and circulation scenarios of inscription assets in multiple X2E markets.
  • On-chain derivatives
  • In the field of financial derivatives, Xdin3 supports BRC20 inscriptions as premiums to trade mainstream asset options, and can provide cryptocurrency contract trading services with up to 1000 times leverage, allowing coin holders to pursue higher returns. The development potential of the on-chain derivatives market has been confirmed in the past two years, and through the new way of inscription derivatives, it is expected to attract more crypto players to participate in it, so as to fully profit from the volatile inscription market by multi-fold long and short.
  • Borrowing
  • At this stage, the inscription assets are priceless due to the lack of liquidity, which also causes the capital efficiency of the inscription assets themselves to be extremely low. The key means for the lending market to improve its capital utilization rate has been fully confirmed in the traditional on-chain lending market and NFT lending market. At present, Xind3 is able to provide mainstream NFT, project inscriptions and other pledged loan services, according to the pledged asset class, including USDT, bet funds, etc., and linked with other sectors to improve the flow of users' assets.
  • In general, in the early stage of the development of the inscription market, FOMO sentiment was the most important factor to promote the influx of players into the inscription market, and in the "post-inscription" era, how to better design the economic system so that users can achieve a more ingenious combination with inscription assets is to revitalize the inscription market and promote the third round of inscription waves. Through a comprehensive and extensive layout, Xdin3 is building a foundation for a wider range of value capture and a more complete value system in the inscription market, and the inscription market may usher in a new round of value return in the near future.


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