Interview with LILLIUS CEO Julia Kim:Lift Up Your Life with Us

CoinVoiceNov 16, 2023
Interview with LILLIUS CEO Julia Kim:Lift Up Your Life with Us

CoinVoice:Please introduce yourself and your experience in Crypto.

Julia Kim:Hello. I am LILLIUS CEO, Julia Kim

I have been working in the sports marketing industry since 2001. I worked as the sports marketing director for Park Chan-ho, the representative baseball player of South Korea and the first Korean to enter the MLB in the United States. I also consulted for various global sports brands and founded a sports tech company based on IT. Currently, I am the CEO of LILLIUS, which has expanded its Web2 sports content platform based on AI technology and motion analysis technology to Web3. I am also the chairman of the Korea University Table Tennis Federation and hold key positions in a number of government agencies and sports associations.

In 2022, we issued Sports Figure NFT collection with 11 Olympic national team athletes. This was well-received by sports fans and Web3 users, including ranking first in terms of trading volume on the largest NFT marketplace in South Korea. Subsequently, we launched the open beta service of the LILLIUS DApp, which combines AI technology, sports, and Web3. LILLIUS is a new concept of sports Web3 service that allows users to enjoy various sports in a challenging format, like a game, and earn rewards.

CoinVoice:Could you give a introduction about LILLIUS and why it was created?

I have been working in the sports industry for a long time, and I have come to realize the value of intangible sports assets. Sports content and the expertise of professional athletes are not properly valued and are often used only as marketing tools. I wanted to provide a solution to this problem.

Through LILLIUS, I wanted to help sports athletes generate sustainable income for their retirement by converting their expertise into digital assets. I also wanted to create an environment where

everyone can exercise more easily and affordably.

LILLIUS aims to create an environment where anyone can easily and enjoyably develop a habit of exercising, and where everyone can continue to exercise as long as they participate. This is not only for ordinary users, but also for more than 70 sports athletes who work with us. LILLIUS provides opportunities for retired athletes to continue to participate in the sports industry, and distributes profits in proportion to the participation rate of each athlete's content. This provides more opportunities for users, current athletes, also along with retired athletes, allowing them to start new businesses.

CoinVoice:LILLIUS products are the perfect combination of AI and Sports , could you tell us about LILLIUS tech?

LILLIUS AI analysis technology captures all the major joints of each user's movement. LILLIUS analyzes data such as Human Pose Estimation for Motion Assessment. LILLIUS has developed a technology that tracks human joints in real time from 2D images by leveraging pose estimation technology based on deep learning, which was previously only possible with 3D analysis technology. LILLIUS captures the knee and hip positions and angles for each movement and analyzes data on the shortening of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, which weaken the gluteus medius in a diagonal direction. Our core technology is to estimate the positions of hidden joints so that it can analyze the agonist and antagonist muscles. This process also includes an analysis of the similarity of exercise posture and exercise time.

Through the analyzed data, LILLIUS can suggest personalized training recommendations, improve the accuracy of excellent posture, and measure the amount of exercise. We will continue to collect this data for various sports types and expand its business into the healthcare and insurance industries.

Through daily exercise routines consisting of "sports challenges," in which sports stars act as creators and directly introduce exercise techniques, we collect a comprehensive user movement pattern dataset that covers various sports types and user profiles. Through this data, we can adjust content to match specific sports stars and various difficulty levels, providing users with a diverse and personalized exercise experience.

CoinVoice: I have heard that you have established a lot of partnerships with leading Korea companies like SAMSUNG and world-renowned athletes, How did you do it?

LILLIUS has built a strong network of famous sports stars with whom it has long collaborated to produce sports content. There are only few sports content companies existing that consistently produce high-quality video content. Not only do we have the industry's best content creation team, but we have also been highly trusted and evaluated for our company's capabilities and reputation, as sports stars have been directly involved in content creation. As a result, we have been requested to collaborate with Samsung Health due to our reputation as the best exercise content creator in the industry. Now, we are providing a variety of exercise content to Samsung Health users, and we are working to expand the types of content we offer. Through the Samsung Health partnership, we have been able to reach a large target audience of Samsung Health users in 176 countries. We will continue to expand our reach and grow our business step by step.

CoinVoice:What are you doing now to get your users?

We are currently planning to open challenges by sport types. In the open beta test, the first step was to open the squat challenge content, which is a process of training LILLIUS users in exercise and app use.

Recently, LILLIUS released new content on the Samsung Health application and updated the CTA button that allows users to download LILLIUS directly through Samsung Health. We plan to attract sports users through Samsung Health and additional online events.

In addition, we are hosting offline events on a regular basis. Most recently, LILLIUS collaborated with Samsung Health to co-host the Y-RUN booth in Yangyang, South Korea's most popular tourist destination. The event allowed sports enthusiasts to participate in LILLIUS offline and download the application. We have also co-hosted the Seoulim event, which was hosted by Korean public institutions, and created a space and event where disabled children and students could experience LILLIUS.

LILLIUS plan to launch user marketing online and offline simultaneously in conjunction with the Busan World Table Tennis Championships next year and the 2024 Paris Olympics marketing.

CoinVoice:What regions are you currently marketing to?

With LILLIUS contents embedded in the Samsung Health application, LILLIUS is already reaching fitness enthusiasts in 176 countries, making it a global fitness platform that caters to exercise enthusiasts worldwide. Our target audience includes participants in the T2E service and Southeast Asian users, where badminton and table tennis, our strong point player IP base, enjoy high popularity. LILLIUS is a project that transcends borders, aiming to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for people around the world. We aim to create a world where people from all over the world can exercise together through LILLIUS, anytime, anywhere, like a fun game.

CoinVoice:In past few years, there were a lot of fitness-to-earn projects in crypto market, but it seems they were not successful except Stepn, what is your unique thinking and approach ?

LILLIUS will build a virtuous cycle structure within the ecosystem by using both token and point reward systems for both Web2 and Web3 users. While other M2E projects are simply GPS-based services, LILLIUS have a different competitive advantage by incorporating AI. By collecting and analyzing data on the movement of each joint, personalized recommendations are possible, and the business can be expanded in the future with medical healthcare and insurance companies. In addition to expanding into the health big data business for movement, we plan to develop a device-integrated platform business, such as smart sports education markets for schools, sports training program operation at sports facilities, etc. In terms of service and business expansion, we can take a clear competitive advantage over other services.

In addition, we will expand its subscription-based business model and make it possible to purchase it with LILLIUS utility token, LLT. To further strengthen token business synergies, LILLIUS operates an online commerce platform where users can purchase real products with LLT on the platform and purchase LILLIUS NFT collections using LLT. This comprehensive approach will build a strong and sustainable ecosystem that benefits both users and LILLIUS platform.


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